Conor mcgregor last fight 2022? (2024)

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What was the result of the Conor McGregor fight?

2021. Despite talks of retirement, McGregor was booked to face former UFC Lightweight Championship challenger Dustin Poirier in a rematch of their 2014 bout at UFC 257 on 24 January 2021. He lost the fight via technical knockout in the second round, marking the first knockout loss in his career.

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What did McGregor say after the fight?

You're looking fit, you little h*e. F*** him," Conor McGregor said. The Irishman was visibly frustrated about his injury as well, but claimed that the rivalry is not over yet and they will go at it once again.

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How many times has McGregor lost?

How many fights has Conor lost? Out of the 28 times McGregor has fought inside the octagon, he has lost 6 times with 4 of them happening in his UFC career. His most notable losses were against Nate Diaz, Dustin Poirier, and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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How rich is McGregor?

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Conor McGregor's estimated net worth in 2022 is around $200 million.

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Did McGregor win tonight?

UFC 264 results, highlights: Dustin Poirier scores TKO victory after Conor McGregor suffers leg injury.

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Why did McGregor lose against Mayweather?

As the fight progressed, McGregor began to fatigue heavily. In Round 9, Mayweather landed a series of punches to McGregor's face, and the onslaught continued into Round 10, when referee Robert Byrd eventually called the fight in favor of Mayweather after McGregor failed to defend himself.

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Why was McGregor caught?

The tweet said: “Are we [really] calling this a crime???” A spokesperson for McGregor said: “Mr McGregor was driving to the gym when he was stopped by gardaí for alleged road traffic violations. “He passed the drug and alcohol tests taken at the station.”

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Did McGregor apologize?

McGregor apologizes for his huge gaffe. Conor McGregor recently had a bit of a slip-up while live on Fox News, and he quickly had to apologize for accidentally swearing on TV.

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How long did McGregor take to heal?

But White confirmed McGregor will be out of action for at least a year so he can recover from his injury. “It's going to take a year for him to recover from this one before he can come back,” White said in an interview with Fox News. “He's had ankle issues for the last couple of years,” he said.

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Is McGregor a billionaire?

Conor McGregor is the single richest mixed martial artist of all time, but the UFC superstar can't call himself a billionaire just yet. As of 2021, McGregor is reported to have an estimated net worth of around $400 million.

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Why did McGregor lose his belt?

Interestingly, 'The Notorious' didn't lose his titles inside the caged ring. He vacated his UFC featherweight title in 2016 owing to his prolonged inactivity in the division. THIS JUST IN: Conor McGregor has vacated his featherweight title, elevating Jose Aldo to undisputed champion.

Who has the best record in UFC history?

Most bouts - All fighters
In title bouts
1Jon Jones15
2Randy Couture9
Georges St-Pierre13
4 more rows

Conor mcgregor last fight 2022? (2024)
Who is the richest fighter?

Conor McGregor ($200 million)

It's no secret that Conor McGregor is not only number one on the list of the richest UFC fighters, but one of the richest athletes in the world. For his last fight with Cowboy Cerrone, he was guaranteed $3 million just to show up.

Why McGregor is so rich?

Most of his money comes from the substantial payouts he gets from his fights, but he also makes money from his various business ventures including boxing promotions, a whiskey company, a clothing line, and other investments.

Is McGregor the highest paid UFC fighter?

UFC: leading fighter earning totals as of April 2022

Conor McGregor, aka Notorious, is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter with the highest career earnings directly from UFC fights, with approximately 25.3 million U.S. dollars.

Why did McGregor retire?

At the time, UFC President Dana White indicated McGregor's retirement was a result of him wanting to secure an ownership stake in the UFC. This was also when McGregor was dealing with multiple legal issues.

How many fighters have beaten McGregor?

Conor McGregor has only been defeated by four fighters during his MMA career.

Who is Conor McGregor's next fight?

Conor McGregor's return to the UFC is coming in 2023. It is confirmed Conor McGregor's next fight will be against Michael Chandler.

Has Mayweather ever lost?

Floyd Mayweather's incredible unbeaten 50-0 record hides the fact there is one fight many people strongly believe he lost, a contest held more than 20 years ago that HBO's live crew all scored for Jose Luis Castillo, his opponent on the night.

Who did Mayweather refuse to fight?

Floyd Mayweather REFUSED to fight Deji until Jake Paul was removed from ringside.

Does Mayweather ever lose?

Given that he never lost in his professional career, many people believe that he is actually unbeaten throughout his career. However, this is not the case, as throughout his boxing career, he has suffered a few defeats.

Has anyone beaten Conor McGregor?

Seven years after their featherweight clash, Poirier knocked out McGregor in a lightweight rematch – becoming the first man to beat the Irishman via KO/TKO.

Who did McGregor hit?

The UFC star was convicted of assault in an Irish court on Friday and fined 1,000 euros for punching Desmond Keogh in the head.

Did McGregor get paid?

Conor McGregor, just like any other MMA fighter, gets paid for appearing for the event.
Conor McGregor Net Worth.
Salary$37 million (2020-2022)
Endorsem*nts$16 million
ResidenceDublin, Las Vegas, Marbella.
6 more rows
Jan 26, 2023

Is McGregor in debt?

Conor McGregor finally pays off 15-year debt - but it won't be cashed in. He reckons he will now go on to make billions but Conor McGregor has always had a debt worry hanging over him - and he's never been able to shake it. Until now that is as he's finally settled up.

Will Conor McGregor fully recover?

After months of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Conor McGregor will not fight in 2022 as his leg is not fully healed. 'Notorious' has been in recovery since fracturing his tibia and fibula at UFC 264 in July 2021 and has always insisted that he will make his comeback in 2022.

What happened to Conor McGregor after he attacked the bus?

McGregor locked up

McGregor, who turned himself into custody, was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief whilst Cowley was charged with one count of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

Who snapped Connor's leg?

After completely snapping his bone during the fight with Poirier, the 34-year-old was required to have surgery and a metal bar was put into his leg to help fix the damage.

How was McGregor's leg fixed?

More From Men's Health. Dr. Raynor explains that a titanium rod is used to repair tibia fractures because it acts similarly to bone, namely through slight bending on extreme impact.

How many times a day does Conor McGregor eat?

Conor McGregor has been eating six meals a day. He gets his protein from traditional sources and seems to have no restrictions. He eats chicken, beef, fish and eggs and uses protein shakes, as well. Most important, he balances everything he eats, measuring how much protein, fat and carbs are in each meal.

Is Mayweather richer than McGregor?

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor's Net Worth Difference Is a Whopping $1 Billion. Former world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC legend Conor McGregor are two of the wealthiest athletes in the world. However, Mayweather's wealth far surpasses that of McGregor.

How much did Conor McGregor sell Proper 12 for?

Conor McGregor has made millions and millions on dollars inside a ring thanks to his fighting ability but also for his showman skills, becoming the biggest name in mixed martial arts at one point, but his biggest payday came when he sold his Irish whiskey bran, Proper No. Twelve, for over $500 million dollars.

Who is more richer Mayweather or McGregor?

As of 2021, 'The Notorious' has a net worth of over $200 million, as per the Celebrity Net Worth. As per Forbes, he has earned over $180 million in his career. As of 2021, Mayweather has a net worth of over $450 million, as per the Celebrity Net Worth.

How much is proper 12 worth?

It sold 2.4million bottles in its first six months of trading. However, the brand was taken over by Proximo in a deal said to be worth $600million. Despite selling up, McGregor is still the face of Proper No Twelve and markets the brand.

Why didn t Conor defend his belt?

Conor McGregor is fond of forging new ground. One of the reasons that 'The Notorious' has never defended any of his titles is that fresh and more exciting opportunities have presented themselves to him instead.

How did Mayweather lose his belts?

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. was awarded the WBO welterweight title when he defeated Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao on May 2, but it was announced Friday that the 38-year-old megastar was stripped of the championship because of a lack of compliance.

Has Jon Jones ever lost?

Has Jon Jones Ever Lost? Jon Jones has only lost once, which came in 2009 when he was disqualified due to illegal elbows versus Matt Hamill at UFC: The Ultimate Finale. Some believe this fight should have been considered a no contest.

Who has the fastest knockout in UFC history?

The fastest knockout in UFC history occurred at UFC 239 in the Welterweight division contest between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren. Masvidal was able to finish Askren in just 5 seconds, with an unbelievable flying knee that took out the wrestling specialist in an unbelievably quick fashion.

Who is the best fighter to ever live?

Muhammad Ali is the greatest fighter of all time. Some say Bruce Lee could bring down Ali. Ali is 6'3 weighing 220lbs. Lee is 5'9 weighing 150lbs.

Which boxer is a billionaire?

Canelo Alvarez, already one of the world's wealthiest boxers, eyes Floyd Mayweather's billionaire status with business ventures outside the ring. Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez starred in one of the Super Bowl ads Sunday. The boxer spoke to Insider recently about his business deals outside of the ring.

Who is best fighter in America?

Ranking the Best American Fighters in Boxing Today
  • Timothy Bradley (30-0, 12 KOs)
  • 4. Bernard Hopkins (53-6-2, 32 KOs) ...
  • Mikey Garcia (32-0, 27 KOs) ...
  • Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KOs) ...
  • Austin Trout (26-1, 14 KOs) ...
  • Danny Garcia (26-0, 16 KOs) 3 of 10. ...
  • Devon Alexander (25-1, 14 KOs) 2 of 10. ...
  • Mike Alvarado (34-1, 23 KOs) 1 of 10. ...

How much do UFC fighters get paid?

The fighters usually sign a contract for a certain amount of fights for a fixed amount of money each time they step inside the Octagon. The three tiers are low, medium, and high, with the lowest earning between $10,000 and $30,000 and the highest Tier ranking between $500,000 and $3,000,000 per fight.

Did Conor McGregor used to be poor?

In fact, McGregor was famously reliant on welfare money from the Irish government for several years while he continued fighting in lower-level MMA matches. “When things were going bad, when I had no job, I was on welfare; I went into a different mode,” McGregor says.

How much does McGregor make per minute?

“Our research and further findings revealed Ireland's Conor McGregor is the highest earning athlete per minute in 2022. He earned $6,600,000 per minute and took only nine seconds of action to earn $1m.

What is Conor McGregor's beer called?

Forged Irish Stout by Conor Mcgregor.

How much money did Conor McGregor make in his last fight?

This stands today as the second highest gate in boxing history, behind only the $72m for Mayweather vs Pacquiao at the MGM Grand. The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Mayweather's guaranteed purse was $100m and McGregor's guaranteed purse was $30m.

Who has the biggest purse in MMA history?

Conor McGregor is the highest-paid UFC fighter.
Anderson Silva – $8,732,000.
Fighter NameCareer Earnings
Conor McGregor$20,102,000
Khabib Nurmagomedov$14,770,000
Alistair Overeem$10,204,500
17 more rows
Oct 25, 2022

What was McGregor saying?

Leadership Quotes From Conor McGregor

You need to stop putting your hand out. Everyone wants handouts. Everyone wants things for free.

What did Mayweather and McGregor say to each other after a fight?

Mayweather revealed what the pair said after the fight: “We talked about that he's a tough competitor and I think we gave the fans what they wanted to see. “I told him I owe them [the fans] for the Pacquiao fight, I must come straight ahead and give them a show and that's what I gave him.

Who said I would like to apologize to absolutely nobody?

“And I'd just like to say from the bottom of my heart, I'd like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody”

Did McGregor donate to the Good Fight?

Former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor agreed to make a $500,000 donation to Dustin Poirier's “Good Fight” foundation under the condition “The Diamond” accepted a lightweight rematch, a bout that started as an exhibition but later became a UFC headliner. Poirier held up his end of the bargain — and then some.

Did Mayweather bet on himself against McGregor?

The 40-year-old reportedly wanted to bet $400,000 at odds of -200 that the fight would end under 9.5 rounds but was denied due to "concerns over the legality of a fighter betting on anything other than a straight win."

Who is stronger Conor McGregor or Jake Paul?

He's been humbled by Floyd Mayweather in boxing and Khabib Nurmagomedov in MMA, and looks like he'd only be competitive against a handful of lightweight fighters in the UFC's top-15 rankings. Paul — who is riding greater form — would out-size McGregor by quite a margin. He's taller, bigger, and stronger.

Does Jake Paul make more money than Conor McGregor?

Paul is reported by Manchester Evening News to have earned around $5million for his first fight with Woodley, while McGregor is estimated by MMA Salaries to have made $3.6m for his trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier in July.

What did Jake say about Connor?

“So no matter what you do or what you make, cut that s*** in half. “If we went net worth for net worth, I would s*** on you Conor. “Put the bottle down, get off Twitter, get back in the ring and shut the f*** up. “I'm gonna put you back on a leash, f*** you Conor.”

Did McGregor hold two belts?

One of the most iconic venues in the history of sport became simply a small detail in the storyline of UFC 205, when Conor McGregor became the first fighter to hold UFC titles in multiple divisions simultaneously after defeating Eddie Alvarez, accessorizing his featherweight belt with a lightweight one as well.

Who says sorry the most?

You've probably heard that women apologize more often than men. Well, studies show this is in fact true. On average, women say they're sorry more times in their lives than men do.

Who says sorry all the time?

People may constantly apologize for many reasons, such as people pleasing or feelings of guilt. But excessive apologizing may also be associated with a mental health condition.


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