Trevi fountain tickets? (2024)

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Trevi fountain tickets?

Map of Trevi Fountain

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Do you need tickets for Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain sits off the Barberini metro stop and is about a 10-minute walk east of the Pantheon. It is free to visit 24/7.

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Can you see the Trevi Fountain for free?

The Fountain overlooks pretty and central Piazza di Trevi, a small square in Rome city center: you can enter the square any time, for free! The best way to visit Fontana di Trevi is on foot: the area surrounding it is closed to traffic and very pretty, perfect for a leisurely walk around Rome.

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How much does it cost to throw in the Trevi Fountain?

The myth, originating in 1954 with the movie "Three Coins in the Fountain," goes like this: If you throw one coin: you will return to Rome. If you throw two coins: you will fall in love with an attractive Italian. If you throw three coins: you will marry the person that you met.

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Does the Trevi Fountain cost money?

The Trevi Fountain is free to visit so the coins do not actually go to the upkeep of the landmark itself. In fact, a recent restoration of the fountain had to be privately funded and luxury brand Fendi footed the $2.2 million bill to clean and repair the Trevi.

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How early should I get to Trevi Fountain?

Trevi Fountain receives the most crowds from 12 PM to 7 PM, so it is advisable to consider visiting the place either after or before that time. According to the visitors, the fountain usually gets cleaned early in the morning on weekdays, around 6 AM to 10 AM.

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How long should you spend at the Trevi Fountain?

The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona can all be seen and enjoyed in 90 mins to 2 hours.

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What time do lights come on at Trevi Fountain?

Once the sun goes down, this famous landmark lights up. As luck would have it, the area is typically less crowded at this time. For the best results, consider making this one of your last activities of the day. Many suggest the best time to go to Trevi Fountain is between 8 pm - 11 pm.

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What is free on Sunday in Rome?

On the Free Sunday, the sites that are open and free for everyone are:
  • Colosseum / Roman Forum / Palatine Hill.
  • The Borghese Gallery (booking required)
  • Baths of Caracalla.
  • Castel Sant'Angelo.
  • Ostia Antica.
  • National Rome Museum (Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps, Crypta Balbi, Diocletian Baths)
  • Villa Giulia (Etruscan museum)

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Do you need tickets for Spanish Steps?

The Spanish steps are a passageway between Piazza di Spagna and the church of Trinita' de' Monti and are free to visit. Access is possible day and night and no tickets are necessary. The steps are beautiful to see and they are also a beautiful panoramic point to get good views over Rome.

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Is the Trevi Fountain worth visiting?

The Trevi Fountain is the most famous attractions in the Trevi District and also the most popular. The fountain has ancient origins and gets its refreshing, clear waters from the a Roman Aqueduct dating form the I century BC, Aqua Virgo. The fountain as we see it today however is a masterpiece of Italian Baroque Art.

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Is Trevi Fountain always crowded?

As one of Rome's most popular attractions, the Trevi Fountain is always packed with people daily. For budding photographers seeking an emptier shot and those leery of crowds, it's best to head here early in the morning to see it in daylight.

Trevi fountain tickets? (2024)
What days is the Trevi Fountain empty?

8 answers. Hi Liroco97., Cleaning Three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday(according Google) Visitors indicate that the fountain is usually cleaned early on weekday mornings at sometime between the hours of 6 am – 10 am. Probably the best time is from 6.00-10.00 in morning and 22.00-3.00 in night.

Can you touch the water at Trevi Fountain?

No but at the Spanish Steps you can take the water and even drink it. But the Trevi Fountain is a no-no!!

What are you supposed to do at the Trevi Fountain?

Tourists often visit the Trevi Fountain to take part in a ritual coin toss. It's said that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, your return to the Eternal City is assured. A second coin launched promises you'll find love. A third is supposed to guarantee marriage.

Can you touch the water in the Trevi Fountain?

You could go to jail for touching it

Well, not for touching the fountain itself, per se, but for reaching into that tempting fresh water and nicking a coin from the fountain. It's illegal to take coins from the fountain.

How do I avoid crowds at Trevi Fountain?

Head for the Trevi Fountain early, or late

It's seemingly always crowded here, but time your visit for the early morning (around 7am or 8am) or late at night (from around 10pm) and you'll find it, if not deserted, much less hectic. Visit the Trevi Fountain early or late to avoid the throngs of tourists.

Can you sit on the edge of the Trevi Fountain?

In addition to a strict ban on entering the waters, the regulations forbid visitors from sitting, lying down or climbing on the city's fountains.

Which metro stop is best for Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain is in the Trevi district; the location is the Via delle Muratte in the heart of the city of Rome. The closest Metro stop is Barberini, though it is also only a 10-minute walk from the Spanish Steps.

How far apart are the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain?

Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain walk route

The length of this walk is about 1 km or well under a mile. If you walked it without stopping at a brisk pace it would be only around 15 minutes. However, this is the ancient centre of Rome, where every turn, nearly every building is of interest.

How long does heart of Rome walk take?

In this 2.5 hours walking tour, you will witness Rome's magical city centre, covering all the most important sites while also walking through the quaint neighborhood streets.

How far apart are the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain?

Both Trevi Fountain and Colosseum are located in the historic center of Rome in central Italy. Most users visit the Colosseum first and then take the beautiful Via dei Fori Imperiali to get to the Trevi Fountain. The two attractions are 1.6 km (1 mile) apart, and tourists usually take 20 minutes to walk the distance.

Is the pantheon free?

The good news is that you do not need to buy ticket for the Pantheon. It's a church, and entrance is free. Most of the time you can just walk in!

What happens if you jump in the Trevi Fountain?

American, Canadian and Russian tourists fined €450 each by Rome police. Two American tourists in their fifties have been fined €450 each for jumping into the Trevi Fountain on 26 August, according to Rome police.

Is the Sistine Chapel in Rome free?

The Cost to Visit the Sistine Chapel

Well, it depends on how you look at it because the Sistine Chapel is free to visit once you are inside the Vatican Museums. If someone offers you sell you a ticket to only the Sistine Chapel, this is a scam.

Can you go to Vatican City for free?

The Vatican City is free to enter, allowing you to meander the likes of St. Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square without dropping a dime. However, if you want to see the Vatican's starring attractions: the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, you will have to pay around 15 Euros.

Do you have to pay to see Colosseum?

Do You need a ticket for the Colosseum? You need to have a ticket or at least a reservation to visit the Colosseum. There is an exception to this rule on the free days. There are different Colosseum ticket types available, depending on what you would like to see, and regarding that, different prices apply.

How long should I spend at the Spanish Steps?

Taking three hours and covering much of this walk plus the Trevi Fountain to Piazza Navona via the Pantheon self guided walk it starts slightly north if the Spanish Steps at Piazza del Popolo and finishes not at Piazza Navona but Campo de' Fiori.

Can you drink from the fountain in front of the Spanish Steps?

You cannot sit there, eat or drink on the Spanish Steps. The fine can get up to 200 Euro.

Do you have to pay to see the Trevi Fountain in Rome?

Cost to visit Trevi Fountain Rome

No. It's absolutely free to visit the Trevi Fountain. There are things nearby you can visit however.

What time of year is Rome least crowded?

The best time to visit Rome is from October to April when most of the tourist crowds have dissipated and room rates are lower. Although you'll need a warm coat, weather this time of year hardly ever dips below freezing.

When should I take pictures at Trevi Fountain?

Trevi Fountain

The lighting at Trevi makes for a bit of a crapshoot depending on time of year, but overall my favorite time for perfect light is late afternoon (and just work around the crowds with unique angles like I've done below) or just after sunrise without crowds (though you'll fight some shadows).

How do you throw a coin in Trevi?

A proper Trevi coin toss is done using your right hand to throw the coin over your left shoulder. Additionally, if you plan to throw a second and third coin into the fountain, each is to be tossed separately, not all at once.

Why is the Trevi Fountain so special?

The Trevi Fountain is one of the oldest water sources in Rome. The fountain dates back to ancient Roman times, since the construction of the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct in 19 B.C. that provided water to the Roman baths and the fountains of central Rome.

Is the Trevi Fountain lit up all night?

Trevi Fountain is operating during the 24 hours with only one exemption, which is when they must take off the coins and clean the fountain.

Do you need tickets to see the Piazza Navona?

Tickets: The Piazza Navona is free to visit. Tickets for the Stadium of Domitian under the Piazza Navona cost 8€ and 6€ for children aged between 12 and 18 and visitors aged over 65. Entry is free for children under 12.

Can you visit St Peter's Basilica without a ticket?

Is There an Entrance Fee? Admission is free to St. Peter's Basilica and you do not need a ticket to enter. The only optional costs are for tickets to skip the security line and for guided tours, though we have a tip for a free audio tour.

Is there a dress code for Piazza Navona?

What should I wear to visit Piazza Navona. You can wear anything you want to visit. If you are going to restaurant around here, you might want to put on some smart casual dress.

What do you wear to the Trevi Fountain?

So think about the small print: choose a sleek tailored coat with understated side pockets, relaxed denim with raw cuffs or a distressed finish, a bold blouse with ruffle details and a beautiful motif, and a cross-body bag with some extra pizzazz, like the arrow details on this boho option.


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