Who cut off Z arm? (2024)

Who cut Z's hand one piece?

natalardo The pirate who cut off Z's arm was promoted to a Shichibukai "one year ago", which means during the timeskip...

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Who was the pirate who cut Z arm?

This leaves Weevil, whose past is still largely unknown and whose strength is immense, as the most likely man to have cut off Z's arm, but until there is official proof to confirm or deny anything, it can only remain speculation at this point.

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Is Zephyr Canon one piece?

How was zephyr not canon? He never appears or is even mentioned/referenced in the manga. This is ridiculous. There are canon characters in *all* one piece movies.

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How strong is z one piece?

Alongside Garp, Sengoku, and Tsuru, Z was one of the most powerful Marines of his generation. Despite his old age, Zephyr had tremendous physical prowess. He could charge at his opponents with great speed despite his size and the extremely heavy Battle Smasher prosthetic arm he carried.

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Who trained Aokiji?

Past. Not much is known about Kuzan's past, but in the One Piece Film: Z (Non-canon) it was revealed that he, along with other high-ranking Marines, were trained by Admiral "Black-Fist" Zephyr in their early years as marines.

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Did Luffy defeat Z?

Z responds by blasting Luffy with the Smasher's Cannon, ultimately defeating him.

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How old is Z One Piece?

One Piece Film: Z is a 2012 Japanese anime fantasy action adventure film directed by Tatsuya Nagamine. It is the twelfth feature film based on the shōnen manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.

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How old is Kuzan One Piece?

In contrast to Borsalino and Sakazuki, Kuzan is far younger than his colleagues, being less than fifty years old.

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Does Zephyr have a Devil Fruit?

3/10 Zephyr

His epithet of Black Arm indicated his proficiency with Armament Haki, meaning he definitely one of the most powerful Marines in history. Like the others on this list, Zephyr didn't have any Devil Fruit power, making him the only Admiral without one to date.

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What is Yamato's fruit?

Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a divine wolf, as well as a human-divine wolf hybrid. According to Kaidou, this beast is a "Guardian Deity of Wano Country".

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Who beat kizaru?

4/10 Can Beat: Whitebeard

Roger himself. Whitebeard was powerful enough to destroy the entire world, as stated in the story. Garp, the strongest Naval officer, openly called him the King of the Seas. It is quite easy to see that Whitebeard was much stronger than Kizaru.

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Who betrayed Eustass Kid?

Basil Hawkins: Kid and Hawkins formed an alliance to take down Shanks until failed when Kaido appears. Hawkins betrayed Kid and joined Kaido. The reason he betrayed and joined Kaido is 0% of survival.

Who cut off Z arm? (2024)
Which hand did Shanks lose?

Shanks would swim after Luffy and protect him from the creature. However, the pirate ended up losing his left arm in the process. He still managed to save Luffy right in the nick of time.

How did law lose his arm?

During his second confrontation with Doflamingo, Law's right arm was cut off. It is later reattached by Leo and healed by Mansherry.

What happened to kid arm?

As revealed in the latest episode of the series, Kid actually once fought against Red-Haired Shanks and lost his arm in the struggle. Episode 923 of the series sees Carribou trying to speak to Luffy about a potential alliance, and it's here that he mentions rumors about Kid's journey across the seas thus far.


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