Does Alex have a second baby on Saving Hope? (2023)

Does Alex have a second baby in Saving Hope?

Charlotte Harris is the second child of Dr. Alex Reid and the late Dr. Charlie Harris.

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Who is the father of Alex's second baby on Saving Hope?

Charlie Harris or Dr. Joel Goran. But Charlie and Alex decided not to take a paternity test at Charlie's request because he didn't want to know. Therefore, Charlie was his father in every way.

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Who does Alex end up with in Saving Hope?

The good news about the Saving Hope season 5 finale was that it saw a very pregnant Alex and Charlie finally tie the knot in a makeshift wedding ceremony at the Hope Zion Hospital.

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Does Jo have Alex baby?

Following her estranged husband's death, she married Alex Karev until he left her for his ex-wife, Izzie. She is now the mother of Luna Ashton.

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Who was Alex's baby daddy?

With Alex, Brad is the father of Peter and Paisley. Brad had a vasectomy after Paisley's birth, which gives credence to Randall being the father of Alex's newborn son. At the start of Season 5, Brad officially divorces Alex and begins dating Marcie.

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Does Alex and Charlie get back together?

Also after the birth, Charlie and Alex get back together. Luke's father is unknown and will continue to be unknown as Charlie has requested that they do not find out because Luke is his son no matter what. Charlie died in the Series 5 finale after being pronounced brain dead after a car accident.

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Is Alex really pregnant on Saving Hope?

In season 3, Durance's real-life pregnancy was worked into her character Alex Reid and the series. Saving Hope ended its run in 2017.

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Does Zach Leave Saving Hope?

He is a divorced doctor with two children.
Zach Miller.
Dr. Zach Miller
Last AppearancesHope Never Dies
14 more rows

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What is Lauren and Alex's 2nd baby's name?

Ariel was born on Sept. 6, the couple's wedding anniversary. Ariel joins her big brothers -- 2-year-old Shai and 1-year-old Asher.

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What is Lauren and Alex's second baby's name?

Please welcome Asher Noah Brovarnik." Loren and Alexei announced their second son's name nearly a month after his birth on August 16, 2021. All throughout the pregnancy, the 90 Day Fiance couple referred to their baby boy as "Baby Boten," with "boten" meaning "peanut" in Hebrew.

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What is Lauren and Alex's new baby's name?

We are so happy and proud to introduce Ariel Raya Brovarnik. Our baby girl was our anniversary gift, born September 6 at 11:40pm," Alexei captioned the post. "Finding out the gender in the delivery room was even more special than we could have imagined."

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Do Alex and Nathan end up together?

In the end, Alex needed to end her relationship with Nate in order for her own personal growth. Rather than trade in one man she's dependent on for another, Alex is able to — eventually — get on the right path to be genuinely self-sufficient.

Does Alex have a second baby on Saving Hope? (2023)
Why was Joel written off Saving Hope?

Executive producer Ilana Frank said in a statement that deciding to kill Joel was “an incredibly difficult decision to make.” “We felt it was time to move in a different direction as we head into a new season.

What happened to Alex and Charlie on Saving Hope?

Alex Reid (Erica Durance) and her fiancé Dr. Charles Harris (Michael Shanks) are involved in a car accident while on the way to their wedding. Minutes later, Charlie falls into a coma. He now experiences life "hoping" that he will survive.

What happens to Jo and Alex's baby?

Jo's mother, Vicki Ann Rudin (Michelle Forbes), reveals Dr. Wilson-Karev was conceived during a rape. Jo informs her mom she was in an abusive marriage, which viewers are already painfully aware of. Then, Jo drops what may be the final major secret of her past: She had an abortion.

How did Izzie get pregnant?

Around four years after leaving Seattle, Izzie was single and wanted children. Due to chemo for the cancer, she lost the ability to get pregnant, and she used the frozen embryos from before treatment to try and have kids. It was successful and she gave birth to twins, whom she named Eli and Alexis.

Does Jo adopt Luna?

At the same time, Jo treats a premature baby named Luna, who lost her mother in childbirth. As Jo becomes more attached to Luna, she decides to switch specialties from general to OB-GYN. Jo eventually decides to legally apply to adopt Luna, but her application is turned down after she fails her background check.

What episode does Alex have the baby?

"If Loving You Is Wrong" Alex's Baby (TV Episode 2015) - IMDb.

Did Alexs dad abuse her?

Alex Scott has said she feels "angry and hurt" by her father denying her claims he "bullied and abused" her during her childhood. The former footballer, 37, spoke out on her dad's Tony's interview earlier this week where he shut down her allegations, insisting he was strict throughout her childhood - but never violent.

Did Rosie and Alex have a baby?

Rosie discovers that she is pregnant but refuses to tell Alex, fearing that he will forgo his chance to study at Harvard to help take care of her. After Alex leaves for the United States, she gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Katie. Alex learns of Rosie's pregnancy from Bethany and becomes Katie's godfather.

Did Alex sleep with Julian?

Julian proposes to Brooke. ("Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...") and punches Alex in the face, causing days of filming to be lost, because Brooke thought that Julian and Alex had slept together, when, in fact, the two had traded rooms and Alex slept with Alexander, not Julian.

Does Alex find out Charlie can see ghosts?

It was hard for Alex to relate with Charlie as he told her that he could see ghosts.

Do Alex and Nicole end up together?

In Episode 11 Alex and Nicole sing the love song All the While and Alex realizes he is in love with her In the last episode of Season 1 Alex and Nicole finally decide to stay together.

What episode does Alex find out she's pregnant?

"16 and Pregnant" Alex (TV Episode 2012) - IMDb.

What episode of Saving Hope does Alex give birth?

"Saving Hope" All the Pretty Horses (TV Episode 2015) - IMDb.

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